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Gate Valves

GNB's gate valves are designed for high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum applications. The longterm reliable service to customers for 40 years, continuos improvements in design lead to reduced cost of ownership. All GNB gate valves seal both ways agains full atmosphere pressure difference.

  • 304 Stainless Steel or painted mild steel
  • Leak checked to < 10-9 std. cm³/sec Helium
  • Designed for 10-8 Torr operation
  • RGA and bakeout capability
  • Dual o-ring or bellow shaft sealing available
  • Seals both ways
  • Water cooled option for flange and plate available
  • Size up to 3000 mm

The following types of gate valves are available:

  • Round valves
  • Slit valves
  • Rectangular

Options for gate valves:

  • Actuation: pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, manual
  • Flanges: ASA, ISO, Conflat®, custom designed
  • Shaft Seal: dual O-rings, bellows
  • Watercooling: flanges, body, gates
  • Ports: roughing, gauges, view

For more information, please visit the GNB web site

Conflat ® is a registered trademark of Varian Associates.