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RF Gridded Ion Source

Veeco’s filamentless RF ion sources are low maintenance and ideal for processes using 100% argon, oxygen or other reactive gases. They come in either circular or linear geometries. RF sources produce broad, uniform, monoenergetic ion beams in both inert and oxidizing environments. An optional 4-grid design offers very high collimation. In addition, these sources have very long maintenance intervals, making them ideal for both batch and load-locked production processes.

The product range includes:

  • 3 cm RF
  • 6 cm RF
  • 12 cm RF
  • 16 cm RF
  • 16 cm High Power RF
  • 6 x 22 cm RF
  • 6 x 66 cm RF
  • 6 x 110 cm RF

For more information please visit Veecos Ion Beam Website!